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Intellectual Property

TheIntellectual Property Division is involved in the following activities:

Patent Strategy

  • Intellectualproperty strategy planning, intellectual property related consulting andtraining

Creation of Intellectual Property and Establishment of Rights

  • Patentliaison activities
  • InventionReview Committee Meetings and Invention Evaluations
  • Timemanagement, procedure correction, and other activities related to intellectualproperty acquisition
    Negotiationsand coordination with patent offices for patent applications an establishmentof rights (including domestic applications and applications outside Japan)

Utilization of Inventions and Rights - Technology Transfers

  • Technologytransfers and utilization of intellectual property as a result ofadministrative collaboration with TUAT-TLO
  • Jointapplication agreements with Japanese and overseas companies, agreementnegotiation

Other Activities

  • Creationof intellectual property information database, management of intellectualproperty information, and application of patent management system