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Gran-in-Aid for Encouragement of Scientists

Documents of Submission

Application Form
( Form A-32-1)

Submit by paper
(Printed on both sides and stamped)

(One original)

Payment Form

(Form A-34-1)

Written Pledge/Oath

Regarding to procedures involved

Examples on filling out the forms

Points to note when filling out these forms

Internal Deadlines for submitting form (strict deadlines)

  • Deadlines for notifying about cancelling application: April 8,2014(Tues.)5pm
  • Deadlines for actual application: April 15,2014(Tues.)5pm

Utilization rules


Fuchu Area: Research Support Section (ext. 5894) mail: hkenkyo
Koganei Area: Industry-University Alliance Promotion Office (ext. 7008) mail: kenkyu2