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Grant-in-Aid for JSPS Fellows (including Overseas Researchers)

Documents of Submission

Application Form
(Form A-2-1)
Submit by paper
(Printed on both sides and stamped) (One original)
Payment Form
(Form A-4-1)
Confirmation Form
Written Pledge/Oath
Application Form for Indirect Expenses
(Only PD・PRD)

Regarding to procedures involved

Examples on filling out the forms (JSPS Fellows)

Examples on filling out the forms (JSPS Fellows (Overseas Researchers))

Points to note when filling out these forms

Internal Deadlines for submitting form (strict deadlines)

  • Deadlines for notifying about cancelling application: May 9,2014(Fri.)5pm
  • Deadlines for actual application: May 13,2014(Tues.)5pm

Utilization rules


Fuchu Area: Research Support Section (ext. 5894) mail: hkenkyo
Koganei Area: Industry-University Alliance Promotion Office (ext. 7008) mail: kenkyu2